Sabina Stan

Sabina Stan is Lecturer in Anthropology and Sociology at Dublin City University, Ireland. Her previous research dealt with the transformation of work during the post-socialist transformation of the Romanian agriculture. Later on she looked at neo-liberal healthcare reforms in Canada and Romania, focusing on issues like the discourse on the crisis of public healthcare services, the use of information technologies or the role of informal exchanges in the construction of transparent healthcare systems. Her current work has evolved towards the link between migration, healthcare and citizenship, with a focus on transnational healthcare practices of Central and Eastern European migrants as well as on transnational collective action in global care chains. She co-edited Life in Post-Communist Eastern Europe after EU Membership (Routledge 2012), wrote L’agriculture roumaine en mutation (CNRS Editions 2005) and has contributed chapters for books such as The Winter of Our Discontent: The Romanian Protests of January-February 2012 (2012) and Romania in the European Union: Challenges, Pathways and Prospects (2012). Her articles have appeared in Labor History, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Anthropologica, Material Culture History, and Dialectical Anthropology. Dr. Stan is a member of the 3U Research Circle on Critical Global Studies, the Joint Institute of Global Health, the Anthropological Association of Ireland and the DCU Migration Discussion Group. Personal webpage: Academia webpage: