Knut Kjeldstadli

Knut Kjeldstadli, the project leader, is professor of modern history at the University of Oslo and visiting professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. He has published books on labour history, urban history, Norwegian societal history, theory and method of history. He edited Norwegian Immigration History.Volume I-III (2003). Presently he works on collective movements including the labour movement, and on migration, in particular labour migration. Books from later years include: A history of immigration. The case of Norway ca. 900-2000 (with Grete Brochmann, 2008. New version forthcoming 2013), Sammensatte samfunn. Innvandring. Inkludering (Complex societies. Immigration. Inclusion) (2008), Akademisk kapitalisme (Academic capitalism) (2010), Mine fire besteforeldre. En familiefortelling om framveksten av det modern Norge (My four grandparents. A family tale about the emergence of modern Norway”, 2010) and co-editor with Idar Helle and Jardar Sørvoll: Historier om motstand (2010).