Idar Helle

Idar Helle is a researcher in the field of contemporary history, with a special focus on labour movements and industrial relations in Norway and Europe. At CAS his research project will first explore the relations between collective agreements, law regulation and the question of precarisation from a comparative point of view, and then look into the repertoire that trade unions have developed as transnational actors on European level. His historical research on industrial relations and social movements includes Utfordrerne.Verkstedklubben og arbeiderne på Aker Verdal 1969-2009  (The Challengers. The union and the metal workers at Aker Verdal (2009) and co-editing with Knut Kjeldstadli and Jardar Sørvoll, Historier om motstand. Kollektive bevegelser i det 20. århundret (Stories about resistance. Collective movements in the 20th century (2010). At the present Helle is about to finish a book project on the recent history of Arbeidsmandsforbundet, the Norwegian general workers’ union.