Darragh Golden

Darragh Golden is a PhD student. His research is interested in the process of European economic integration since the mid-1980s. The process of politicization can be a slow one, especially where there is a transnational dimension. Framing such dynamics can prove difficult for political actors. Focusing on trade unions, Darragh assesses the position of Italian and Irish unions on European integration since the mid-1980s. He is also interested in the free movements of workers and services within the Single Market especially since the EU’s recent enlargements eastward. Paying particular attention to the free movement of workers and services, Darragh is interested in the coping mechanisms of trade unions in offsetting negative consequences associated with such cross-border movements. His research here focuses on the construction sector and the response from Irish and Italian trade unions in the context of the EU’s enlargement. Before completing a Masters in European Economics and Public Affairs, Darragh studied European Studies at University College Cork. He has been awarded the Government of Ireland Scholarship and is currently the recipient of a Yggdrasil scholarship from the Norwegian Research Council. His personal Academia website is: http://ucd-ie.academia.edu/DarraghGolden